About us
From the very onset Maratha Realty Ventures consider land as a canvas. And we extend this very canvas to you, to help you give shape to your imagination. A home is a function of the brain and MRV leverages your imagination. We stand at the cusp of development in the city. We want to empower our customers and ease their buying experience. We understand the responsibility that comes with handling the most important investment of your lives. We want you to spend your time building and shaping your abode and not worry about the plethora of documentations and legalities. We intend to bring beauty and ease to business.
Vision & Mission


With trust and partnership as our guiding principles we envision establishing a sustainable realty organization. Our customers provide us with inspiration and vision to develop a collaborative business model and we want to utilize these to enrich and beautify their surrounding.


To be an organization driven by trust and responsible growth plan. We want our customers to look at us enablers, enabling their dreams to take form and shape. Our customers, at the very center of our business, form the very life stream of our organization through a collaborative approach.
Our management team with their excellent track record and brilliant business expertise acts as the cornerstone to MRV's success.
Rohidas Dangat Director
Santosh Nambiar Managing Director
Manoj Nambiar Director